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Hidden Gems of Buenos Aires

Spanish word of the day: Hallar – To find

My BA experience was made up of a lot of Megan time. I walked the streets and the different barrios for hours trying to soak everything in and discover everything I could. Three weeks of wandering at the beginning of my trip led me to find some hidden gems I wanted to share with you. Just because… they were also the first places I ca

me back to in my last week.

Lab Coffee

I love everything about this city- but when it comes to the coffee I am often left disappointed. Which isn’t bad… cutting out caffeine is not the worst thing thing that could happen. But then the London girl in me would be very grumpy if I had to start my day on water. Coming from a place where the coffee scene is so hot (literally) I had to find a place to get a dose of start-my-day juice. My friend Lucy recommended I try Lab, a purely coffee bar in Palermo Hollywood. And it was everything I have been missing and more!

If you want to take a barrista class or learn brewing techniques this is the place to go. A Speciality coffee shop. Walk in and order a flat white, cappuccino or espresso you will get a cup of deliciousness made from Colombian coffee beans. But wait… that’s not all. A coffee brewing station at the back of the space will give you the opportunity to brew beans from Peru, Tanzania, Congo or Ethiopia to name but a few. This place is the best you will get to quality coffee in this city. And its also a great spot to sit, chat to people, work on your laptop and unwind. Bottoms up!

Paul Goritti 4865 If I were a store and a coffee bar I would be Paul. A small hidden alley on the busy Palermo Soho street of Goritti leads to a haven away from everything. It’s like walking into a world that is calm, cool and oh so chic. You’re transported to Paris but with more edge! Think gardens and green. Coffee and wine. A home and accessories store full of leather, furniture, home decor and magical pieces for women, men and children. A tea room with a huge selection of tea ‘it’s 5 o’clock somewhere’ as they say. Food and drink is not cheap in the cafe. But for some reason the items in the store are very reasonable and high quality. Basically I went to buy another suitcase so that on my way back home I can fill it with things from there. Trust me and go- you will not be disappointed!

Morada - Palermo Soho Honduras 4790 timbre 1 Walking along Honduras in Palermo Soho and I stumbled across a glass window with colours everywhere. I am made up of a colour magnet… wherever there is colour I go! I couldn’t figure out how to get in so I knocked on the glass window and a lady came to the window to lip read me. Which in Spanish to and English person and vice versa proves a little challenging. So we moved to the all faithful hand gestures. Pointing to the right I understood she was explaining how to get in. I walked in and she explained it was her daughter’s art studio. Her daughter was an artist who made things out of- well everything really. Pencils, coloured pencils, pencil shavings, coins, McDonald’s plastic knives and forks, copper nails! I was in awe.

In this case seeing is believing so feast your eyes on this! And at a price that makes you say- I will take 3! I went back this week and managed to meet the artist herself. Mora! Warm, friendly and a perfect representative of such colourful and cool work. Oh gosh I am running out of space in the extra bag I bought for my return trip here. Thank you for coming to meet me sister!!!!

Margoff — Doggie Boutique Palermo Hollywood Fitz Roy 1929 As you walk around buenos Aires you will notice that after Parillas (meat restaurants), dogs are definitely the most common sighting. As my soiled trainers will confirm (Lucy thought it was hilarious- I on the other hand was not laughing!). Exhibit A- Margoff Boutique. Filled with every outfit and accessory you can imagine for your little pooch. I saw raffles, coats, sequins and the funkiest leashes I have ever set my eyes on! Dog beds and collars. This is every dogs Paris or Milan fashion week equivalent. Now since I don’t have a dog of my own (yet) I cannot say whether these exist in every other country. But I have not seen it before, so I wanted to share with you.So for all you dog lover’s while I would not necessarily promote shopping for yourself here, shopping for your dog would be a must.

There is no need to put anything into words with this one. Walk down the streets of San Telmo, Palermo Soho or Hollywood and almost everywhere you look there is colour. There’s a story. There’s someone or something watching you!

It’s like walking through a gallery as you explore the streets. There’s never a dull moment. Every stroll is an adventure.

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