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Spanish phrase of the day: Sisters in the city- Hermanas en la ciudad

It is strange being back here. This side of things is a complete shift. It’s moved from discovering things with fresh eyes… to revisiting things with a hint of longing. Ah man- sentimental voice 1- rational mind 0.

My sister being here has changed the dynamics. I was showing someone the things I loved. The places I enjoyed. Whether she liked it or not that’s what we were doing. I think Candice loved it but a part of her was screaming- Megan I don’t want to eat any more! And no more vino!! And it wasn’t a subtle part. But I get that. She’s not out of office- she’s running her own consultancy remotely. Even when she’s on holiday when it’s your business you’re never out of office. The parallels were apparent.

We would come back from a lunch with wine (most of which I would drink). She would come home and send invoices and reply to emails. I would have a 2 hour siesta and jump up at 8.30 ready to start all over again. With a yawn she would join me. She would always join me- but the 10pm sittings were a change in routine. She was noooot happy about the 10pm sittings! My standard line was ‘But it’s BA honey! This is when the fun starts”.

And fun we did have. She got into the restaurant hopping and walking aimlessly by the end of it. Go on- admit it Candice!😉

We also did a restaurant I have never done before. By pure fluke! I was so excited to show candice San Telmo. That old area with a market that rivals Portabello Market any day. Turns out my sister is not a market person. That’s ok – tap into plan B. Food!!! I tracked down a place that someone, somewhere on my travels told me about. And it was google maps and follow the blue dot. In the rain I may add. And then we arrived. At La Brigada. AKA football heaven- and every man who is reading this, and who sees the ball kicking sport as a religion- this ones for you. For the rest of you, it’s a traditional Parilla with a great atmosphere and incredible food and wine. We put our names down with the man at the door. I tried to converse in broken Spanish asking about the history of the place. And was met with a non telling wait-on-the-side-for-your-name-to-be-called look. Never one to give up- after we were seated I made friends with the waiter. He basically explained after consuming a bottle of wine, proveleta, salad, palm hearts, grilled chicken and chips (us, not him) that the man downstairs seating the tables is the owner/ ex football player who started this place out of his love of food and sports. Well I was down there! As you can imagine! Smileeeeee you secretive little sneak ;) Hugo Echevarrieta! I got ya! Let’s have a photo.

Anyway- I have to agree with the guy that I met somewhere on my travels. This is one of the best BA spots to go to. And I don’t even like football (but I’ve updated my restaurant blog)! My favourite thing was doing the one thing neither of us had done. And doing it together. Feast your mind and eyes on the Faena hotel. And the Rojo Tango show. Oh It’s good to be back! Taking in the city and doing all the things I missed. In Bueno Aires that involves everything decadent. Remember I used to say that I assign colours to places. Well for me BA is everything seductive and sensual. European flair with South American suave. Reds and blacks Golds and rich browns. And that’s just the colour. When you start throwing in the sounds, the language and the wine… well decadence reaches new heights. Exhibit A: the tango show. You don’t want to know how much we paid. We were definitely horribly ripped off. But in a few months I will only think of this. Not the £££££!

When Candice arrived I was worried that she wouldn’t quite get it. That in the city you don’t have to do anything in particular but live. Eat in abundance. Drink to the max. Walk. Look. Listen and talk. I never had a set list of tourist must dos on the agenda… instead I wanted her to live BA with me for a few days.

And we did just that. We tried everything and spoke. It’s so nice to speak to someone who you haven’t really spoken to in so long. With whom you can just pick up where you left off. That makes me excited. To go home.

Yes… going home. Fast forward to my sisters last day. And the typical happens. I woke up to a message from my airline. saying clearly in big bold letters. Your flight to London on the 6th of April has been cancelled. Of course it has. After speaking to the airline not only is it cancelled because of a strike but I can’t get back from Buenos Aires for at least 4 days after that.

With a flight booked from London to Cape Town on the 9th, to see my 93 year old grandmother, that I cannot be reimbursed for- that’s a littttle bit of a problem 🙄🙄.

The 100 voices in my head are shouting different things at me. The first voice… rational voice- “Ok Megan. Keep calm. It is what it is. You’ll make a plan to get back. Carry on getting dressed.”

The sentimental voice- “hmmmm maybe it’s meant to be. Maybe it’s a sign. I’ve been questioning when to go home maybe this is the universes way of saying STAY”

Then there is the annoyed voice- “Obviously this happens to me. Of all the days of the year that a strike is planned- this becomes my problem! Not the 5th or the 7th- the 6th. Why can’t my life just be vanilla!! A little vanilla?!”

Isn’t it funny how when you get what you think you wanted you realise you don’t really want it that much. I’ve been wanting to buy time for the last couple of weeks. In a weird waiting place. Waiting to finish this trip still on a high. Waiting to go back home and start real life. Waiting to see what my life will look like. Excited but waiting. I hate waiting. Patience is not a virtue I possess (or even pretend to possess). And now I technically have a choice. I have the option of more time. And no no no – I’m ready to go back. That’s what I choose.

So I went with practical voice and got my ticket rebooked free of charge to Rio de Janeiro. I have to cover getting there but it’s better than losing 2 flights. Right? Of course right.

Sentimental voice score 1- rational mind 1.

So it’s back to reality soon. It’s time. Now what to do in the waiting place. Seize the day Megan Shulman! Because when you sitting in front of recruiters in London you are going to wish you could go sit in a wine bar and blog your heart out.

Huh! I just came to that conclusion sitting in a wine bar, waiting for my not out of office Argentinian friends to finish work (while I blog my heart out). Imagine that! 😉

So now the journey back is loooonggg. And leaves BA at 4.30am on the 7th instead of the 6th. That kind of long! I’m getting tired just thinking about it. But a plan was made. Now wh

at to do the day of leaving BA and the day of waiting in Rio?? Oh well – I will cross that bridge when I get to it. And you’re going to cross it with me.

See you at the airport!

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